Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Food Coma

I'm so happpy today was over with! I practicallly died and failed all of my 4tests today. Also, I got super stressed out, well I still am, about my transcript! I have 4 N's, 1 U , and 3 D's! I'm not going to make boys league with my transcript. They are probably going to ask m a question about it during my interview.

Other than school, I hung out with Pt the whole day :) I went to her house after school until Tracy's Birthday Dinner @ Wing n Things. We had to wait till she did 2 loads of laundry in order to not be grounded, and for her to get her ID. So we decided to kill tim by watching Quantim Solace, WHICH SUCKED. I took a nap on pk's bed for an hour during the movie, because it was so boring.

We finally got the laundry done and headed to Wings n Things! Yummmmmm, the wins were bombbbb diggity! Good food, interesting company, an all around good time. Well, besides the face that $20 worth of food didn't make me full! I went home and ate a bunch of junk foood to satisfy my cravings. Yumm

Now I'm home, tired as heck. I've been reallly tired/ stressed out lately. I <3 coffee.

maybe we will get close again, if I even make it. I pray. c:
^cute smiley ^___^

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