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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, this week has been extra hectic! Stats test and physics quiz tomorrow (today), just finished my boys league interview, SATS, stupid boat project stress, start photo projects that are late. My life is such a mess right now. I'm so unorganized, and I cant even remember the important things to do this weekend. Such a mess. How can I go through the last month of school with finals and the end of the year catastrophe* , in my condition?!

I seem to get even more tired as the days pass. I take longer naps, and I still am sleepy. I can't focus. This is killing me.

Boys league owned me up the butt today...

I can't wait for the weekend.
Wednesday = Twilight Play
Thursday = Boat races
Friday = Last assembly + softball game + BGHS pop concert
Saturday = SAT@Estancia
Sunday = Catch up on homework, projects, notes, study for benchmarks.

The end of the year is supposed to be fast and not at all stressfull. Thank goodness for next year, where the stress will be 3 times as less.

There's a lot on my mind right now, but my mind and fingers will only let me type so much, before I fall asleep.

In my dream, when you asked "Tell me", and I couldn't answer, it was because I could man up to say ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Heh, today I didn't go to school! I<3 when my aunt sleeps at my house, because she either "drives me to school" or checks me out of school. We went shopping. I got a tshirt and shorts, the things I need the most around this weather. Summer = casual-ness! Tshirts, shorts, and a hoodie ftw! I lost my hollister hoodie thhat smiley got me for christmas, >:( I must bust a mission to find it! I lost my RVCA jacket too! What the! I'm on a losing streak!

I made yearbook! Sososoosoo happy and excited :) Finally, a club that ill be excited to join. Speaking of club, I'm scared for Boys' League! My interview is on june 2nd @ 430. I neeed to go shopping for it. I have a dress shirt already, but it doesn't hurt to get more.

shopping goals this weekend:
-new colored dress shirt(s)
-summer clothes :)
-new sandals. Rainbows?

Goals for this weekend:
+shop for "shopping goals this weekend"
+SAT cram
+enjoy the weekend
+ do mofucking USH notes( and yes, I didn't start them)
+prepare for boys' league interview :x

Also! I'm donating blood friday! Uber nervous. I want the pin and tshirt, tehe :)

So much to do towards the end of school. Why can't it come already?!

"Because once you love somebody, you never really stop loving them.
Oh, the love can change over time and maybe you never see them again for whatever reason,
but there is always love for them in your heart."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The weekend wasn't long enough.

Killing me, softly

Sunday, May 24, 2009

" Some try to hand me money, they don't understand. I'm not broke, I'm just a broken hearted man. I know it makes no sense, but what else can I do? How can move on, when I'm still in love with you? He doesn't wear any holes in his shoes, but he wears holes in his heart. "

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Food Coma

I'm so happpy today was over with! I practicallly died and failed all of my 4tests today. Also, I got super stressed out, well I still am, about my transcript! I have 4 N's, 1 U , and 3 D's! I'm not going to make boys league with my transcript. They are probably going to ask m a question about it during my interview.

Other than school, I hung out with Pt the whole day :) I went to her house after school until Tracy's Birthday Dinner @ Wing n Things. We had to wait till she did 2 loads of laundry in order to not be grounded, and for her to get her ID. So we decided to kill tim by watching Quantim Solace, WHICH SUCKED. I took a nap on pk's bed for an hour during the movie, because it was so boring.

We finally got the laundry done and headed to Wings n Things! Yummmmmm, the wins were bombbbb diggity! Good food, interesting company, an all around good time. Well, besides the face that $20 worth of food didn't make me full! I went home and ate a bunch of junk foood to satisfy my cravings. Yumm

Now I'm home, tired as heck. I've been reallly tired/ stressed out lately. I <3 coffee.

maybe we will get close again, if I even make it. I pray. c:
^cute smiley ^___^