Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, this week has been extra hectic! Stats test and physics quiz tomorrow (today), just finished my boys league interview, SATS, stupid boat project stress, start photo projects that are late. My life is such a mess right now. I'm so unorganized, and I cant even remember the important things to do this weekend. Such a mess. How can I go through the last month of school with finals and the end of the year catastrophe* , in my condition?!

I seem to get even more tired as the days pass. I take longer naps, and I still am sleepy. I can't focus. This is killing me.

Boys league owned me up the butt today...

I can't wait for the weekend.
Wednesday = Twilight Play
Thursday = Boat races
Friday = Last assembly + softball game + BGHS pop concert
Saturday = SAT@Estancia
Sunday = Catch up on homework, projects, notes, study for benchmarks.

The end of the year is supposed to be fast and not at all stressfull. Thank goodness for next year, where the stress will be 3 times as less.

There's a lot on my mind right now, but my mind and fingers will only let me type so much, before I fall asleep.

In my dream, when you asked "Tell me", and I couldn't answer, it was because I could man up to say ...

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